Introducing Equi: making elite investing 200x more accessible

The average billionaire more than doubled their net-worth during the pandemic. While many factors are at play here, billionaires invest differently.

After almost a decade teaching financial literacy classes, I know most people invest their savings in passive indexes consisting of stocks and bonds. However, that is not how the 0.0001% make most of their returns. These select few work with family offices that build and manage complex portfolios composed of a much broader range of investments – with alternative investments as the centerpiece. Hedge funds, private credit, private real estate, private equity, and venture capital aren’t as susceptible to market swings, which means less volatility and higher returns over the long run. Family offices typically only work with the ultra-wealthy because this kind of investing isn’t easy. It takes a lot of time, highly skilled investment professionals, significant operating expenses, and large amounts of capital.

That’s where we come in.

Equi uses technology to unlock elite investing for most accredited investors, representing about 1 in 10 American households today. Rather than focusing on big, brand name funds, we’re systematically targeting relatively undiscovered strategies with experienced managers and strong track records. We use proprietary datasets and in-house technology to provide access to actively managed portfolios of these diverse and less-accessible investments. We are replacing armies of analysts and spreadsheets with powerful software that streamlines compliance, risk management, performance tracking and more.

Our flagship alternative portfolio has an annual target return of 17-23% and volatility (a measure of risk) substantially less than the historical volatility of the S&P 500. It is designed to perform in all market conditions and act as an answer to the question I asked myself: “How do I maximally diversify my investments?”

Today our minimum investment is $350K, which is down from $1M when we first launched the first version of our product a bit over a year ago. Success for Equi means we’ll eventually serve everyone, accredited or not, so we can help more people create generational wealth. We’ve already increased access to elite investing by 200X, considering that previously you’d need approximately $70M of investible capital to mimic the portfolio of strategies contained in our flagship products.

Our progress and next steps

Given the turbulence in markets, demand for our product has grown rapidly to over $800M in indicated interest from the thousands of individuals on our waitlist. We’ve admitted about 7% of our waitlist since launching our beta just over three months ago, which has allowed us to reach tens of millions in assets under management in that short period – and this with zero ongoing marketing spend. This puts us on track to be one of the fastest growing invest-tech companies ever.

Our goal is to make Equi generally available to everyone that qualifies by the end of the year; so we’ve raised $10M in seed funding from Foundation Capital, Hustle Fund, Montage Ventures, F7 Ventures, Gaingels, Calm Ventures and over 100 incredible angels. All of these angel investors and fund managers have committed to moving a portion of their personal wealth onto the Equi platform as well.

We see Equi as the breakthrough investment product of the decade. Through a unique combination of automation powered by their tech platform and advanced investment strategies, the company is poised to bring elite investing and higher returns to millions of Americans that previously did not qualify.

Matt MurphyPartner, Montage Ventures

Equi was started by a killer team of serial founders that have each built big businesses in the past. Equi has received almost $1B in demand in under 18 months, which speaks to the strength of the team and the need for a great product that expands access to venture capital, private equity, and other classes of private investments.

Leo PolovetsCo-Founder and General Partner, Susa Ventures

My co-founders and I have also committed to investing 80%+ of our liquid net worth on Equi, reinforcing our belief in what we’ve built. Itay Vinik, Jeremy Smith, and I had all previously founded and led companies. We reached a point where even though we knew how our personal wealth should be put to work, we were sorely disappointed with the options on the market. This set us on a path of research, experimentation, and ultimately building what became Equi.

We know there are many Americans in similar situations who are unaware of the potential returns they could be seeing on their lifelong savings by investing differently. We believe in putting the best alternative investment strategies into the portfolios of as many people as possible, and know that Equi will play an important role in this movement.

Our vision is for a world where anyone with access to Equi and some index funds, can have a total portfolio to rival even the most sophisticated family offices.

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Tory Reiss
Co-founder & CEO, Equi

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