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Equi makes it easy to experience how a billionaire invests: 

➜ Diversified across both public and private markets
➜ Curated selection of strategies with a proven track record
➜ Portfolios structured to limit correlation with the S&P
➜ Active risk management instead of "buy and hold"
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Individual investors invest too little in private markets
(aka Alternative Investments)

the Average HNW Investors Portfolio:
2.5% - 5.4%
Annualized Returns
over the past 20 years
6% Alternative Investments
94% Stocks & Bonds

According to research, this is the average US investor's portfolio and it underperforms over time, especially when adjusted for inflation.

You can do better.

Equi gives you access to alternative investments typically reserved for billionaires

Top 0.0001% Portfolio:
8.8% - 12.4%
annualized Returns
over the past 20 years
50% Alternative Investments
50% Stocks & Bonds

According to research, professional investors, like Family Offices and Endowments, generate returns 4x greater than an average US investor’s.

Trade your stocks & bonds elsewhere, use Equi to add diversified and top performing alternative investments to your portfolio.
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Reduce risk and increase returns

Adding alternative investments to your portfolio that with limited correlation to the stock market can improve portfolio returns and reduce portfolio risk.

Harry Markowitz was an economist renowned for his research on Modern Portfolio Theory. He received the Nobel Prize in Economics in 1990 for his work in this area.

Access institutional grade investments

Equi provides access to investments normally reserved for institutions and the ultra wealthy. We sift through thousands of private investments and funds to find the best for your portfolio.No more "one-size fits all" investing. With Equi you get access to custom-built portfolios of alternative investments, each designed to fit different risk profiles.

We put our money where our mouth is.

As founders, the vast majority of our liquid net-worth is invested on this platform alongside our customers.
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