54 Fintechs Transforming Wall Street

"This is the next frontier for retail investing, and Equi is the only company today with both the technology and asset management capabilities to deliver sustainable, outsized performance for the market at scale," Paul Szurek, a general partner at Smash Capital, said.

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How to Invest $10,000

While investing can be a great way to meet time-specific goals, Itay Vinik offers a different perspective. The co-founder and chief investment officer at Equi says...

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3 Tips from Investors on Building Long-Term Wealth

“Due to market conditions, I have significantly increased my allocation in Alternatives,” says Shahed Khan, co-founder of Loom, a video messaging platform for businesses. “As we are currently in a volatile interest rate environment, I’ve turned to alternative investment platforms like Equi that focus on investments with little or no correlation to the S&P 500.” 

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